Journal Entry #7: A Guide to the Many Definitions of Vulnerability

If we can’t tell someone what vulnerability is, how are we supposed to talk about it?

This is the guide to the many definitions of vulnerability that you’ll find online, including the dictionary’s, Brené Brown’s, and mine.


Journal Entry #6: Why I Reject Rejection Challenges

I’ve always wanted more self-confidence because I’ve always believed that self-confidence is freedom. If you think that’s weird, think of any Pixar movie you’ve ever seen. Miguel from ‘Coco’, gets his wish to be a musician because he has the self-confidence to fight for his dream to be one. Remi, in ‘Ratatouille’, pursues his dream […]

Journal Entry #5: The Moment that Saved Andrew Zimmern’s Life

Few people can say they have slept in an abandoned building on a pile of dirty clothes encircled by cockroach repellent, but Andrew Zimmern can. At 13, Zimmern experienced a traumatic event in childhood that started him on the path towards substance abuse. While Zimmern was at camp, his mother experienced an accident during surgery. […]